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Peregrine Development International

Peregrine Development International is the Prime Developer and Contractor for the Global Gateway Logistics City.

PDI is an International business company registered in the British Virgin Islands. Its principal office is currently located in the Kuwait Free Trade Zone due to the high level of activity in the Middle East. Peregrine is a Knowledge Management Company created to assist, facilitate and augment our client and partner companies develop opportunities and conduct business in transitional and emergent economies around the world. PDI’s capabilities include Project Development; Program & Project Management; Design, Engineering, Construction and Construction Management; Operations, Maintenance and Logistics


Provide unprecedented, accurate and timely knowledge, information and   services to our clients

To perfect the art of Knowledge Management and translate it into discrete and indispensable packets of information accelerating effective strategic business planning and more profitable project execution

Like the ancient sport of falconry, maintain a reputation based on loyalty, obedience, honesty, integrity, and mutual respect in all endeavors

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